miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017


Bonnie and Clyde

I´d like to recommend a film, wich I had see, it´s called "Bonnie and Clyde". The author is Arthur Penn. It´s a fantastic film that relates the incredible life of Bonnie and Clyde, that were very famous thiefs, that lived many years ago.

The things I like most about the film were the good action of the actors, and the plot, taht is very interesting. It has a lot of action.

In conclusion, I recomend the film for all people, becouse it tells you the story, so you can know how this rare marriage were.

Resultado de imagen de bonnie and clyde atrcando bancoResultado de imagen de bonnie and clyde atrcando banco

lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017


The Hobbit

I´d like to recommend a book which I´ve read, it´s called "The Hobbit". The author of the book is Ronald Talkien.

The book is a fantasy story, and the setting is in the Midle Earth. The main characters are Gandalf, Legolas and Frodo.

The things I liked most about the book were the characters and the war between them. Some of the scenes are very realistic, and prove the good quality of special effects, and the plot is very interesting.

In conclusion, I really like the novel, and it has a happy ending, so I wouldn´t change anything about the novel and the film.

Resultado de imagen de el hobbit batalla de los 5 ejercitos

lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

My favourite team and player

Favourite team:
my favourite teram is Barcelona team, it´s a very famous team, known in all the world, and has the best players of all the world, and also won a lot o very important tournaments. It´s on the Santander League, were there are a lot os very important and famous teams like Madrid and Atletico de Madrid team.

My favourite player:
my favourite player is Andres Iniesta, he plays on Barcelona team, he has born in Spain on the 11 of may of 1984. Hes lenght is 1 metre 71 centimetres and weights 68 kilograms. His debut on profesional football was with Barcelona team on the  29 of october of 2002. His is midfielder and has the number 8 on his shirt. he also play with the Spanich selection, were she scored the goal that gave us the World Cup, the first on the history of tis Nation.

Resultado de imagen de andres iniesta

Necesary Equipment:

You need only a few clothes or special clothes, if you play on a football team they give you the shirt and trousers for playing matches normally on Saturdays, against other teams of your League. You should buy a pair of football boots to play matches, and a pair os special shoes, but the color depend of your team equipment but they are usually black.

Resultado de imagen de medias de futbol nikeResultado de imagen de botas futbol
Places to practice it:

In my city football is the most famous sport, and most of all the kids play it, so there are a los of stadiums were you can practice it. But for playing on this stadiums you should ask for permission to his propietary, and usually pay something that depends on the hours you ocupate the stadium.
Resultado de imagen de campos futbol gijon

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2017

RESULTS (jornada 21)

Liga Santander:
- Deportivo vs Betis the match is going to take place on friday at 20:45, spanish hour

- Málaga vs Spanyol the final result was 0-1 with a goal of Piatty (spanyol) in the minute 17

- Barcelona vs Athletic, barça won 3-0 with goals of Alcacer (18), Messi (40) and the last goal was for Aleix Vidal (67)

- Athletico vs Leganes, athletico won 2-0, with two goals os Fernando Torres (15 and 51)

- Valencia vs Eibar, eibar won 4-0, with goals of Sergi Enrich (28), Adrian (p) (47), Dani Garcia (57) and the last of Sergi Enrich (77)

- Sevilla vs Villareal, 0-0

-Sportig vs Alaves, alaves won 4-2 with goals of sobrino (10), Cristian Santos (p) (58), Edgar (p) (70) and Alexis (85). The goals of Sporting were by Traore (84) and Carlos Castro (90)

- R. Sociedad vs Osasuna, real sociedad won 3-2 with goals os Raúl Navas (82), Carlos Vela (72) and Juanmi (77). Osasuna goals were for Kodro (25) and Sergi León (79)

- Celta vs Real Madrid, the match is going to take place on Sunday at 20:45

- Granada vs Las Palmas, Granada won 1-0, with a goal of Pereira (17)

The blog is for all you need to know about the results of the "liga santander" and "premier league", the titulars and suplents of the squad and the goals. I´m going to make reviews also for champion league. And also I´m going to talk about the necesary equipment and places to practice it.
Resultado de imagen de futbol